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We believe that powerful photos and stories can change the world, and inspiring others is our life goal. To make sure you understand the possibilities and the special opportunity that lies in front of you, we wanted to clarify the main reasons for you to join the photostory community.

1. Combining photos with stories – new recipe for success. This new trend is emerging and there is undeniable evidence promoting the combination of photos and stories: photos are simply stronger with stories and stories have a bigger impact with a photo. Expecting quality to ensure the best experience for our readers, writers and photographers, Photostories International is dedicated to publish and share short visual stories made for our new modern lifestyle – with a purpose.

2. Time well spent. Photostories International doesn’t waste your time! Unlike social media platforms, Photostories International is a curated website accepting only high quality photos and stories to make sure your time is well spent and you’ll have an enjoyable experience in our online gallery. As a photographer and/or writer, you can also be confident that your work is valued and presented with your best interests in mind; the website is carefully designed to promote the unique visual and emotional reading experience.

3. Want to inspire others and change the world? If you believe that powerful photos and stories can have a positive impact on others and change lives, we are happy to welcome you to our photostory community to share this message and to make a difference. By sharing stories, we can motivate and wake up the dead, we can spread knowledge and raise awareness, we can create smiles and help with sorrow, and we can lift our heads into the clouds and write about a better future… This visual storytelling site is made for you who have the courage to imagine, believe and act!

4. Fair trade. We know it’s difficult to exhibit work and find the right audience, no matter how amazing photos you’ve taken or stories you’ve written. This is why we want to make a fair deal with you! We will provide you worldwide audience and you will promise to show us the best work you’ve got – this way we will both win! Let me explain what this really means… Photostories International offers you:

  • free exhibition space
  • publicity through online sharing, newsletters and digests (=free marketing for worldwide audience)
  • publication in photostory books
  • market place to sell your work
  • possibility to advertise your website and skills

5. Premium services. To make sure your stories are as good as you wish them to be, our premium services offer writing and editing assistance to perfect your stories (Golden Photostory Crane -membership). Furthermore, premium members are eligible for surprise discounts on photography equipment and programs to encourage self-improvement and even better photostories.

6. Creative journalism and visual storytelling at its best. There is a hidden storyteller in each and every one of us, and we want to make sure that the world hears your story – the real story. We also know that stories will empower photos and give them the biggest chance to succeed and reach the eyes and ears of the world. Photostories International is your chance to join the movement of creative journalism and visual story telling – let’s shake the world and make it better together by telling powerful stories!

7. Weekend challenges designed for you. We understand that not everyone is passionate about both photography and writing, yet it has been proven that photos and stories together raise the audience experience to a completely different level. To overcome this challenge, we decided to create a bridge between the two groups! During the weekend, you can choose to write a story for a photo or to match your photo with a story. You are also welcome to submit a story or a photo for our pools to challenge others; both the author and the photographer will be credited, of course. These challenges are simply addictive. 😉

8. Our users love the photostory community: “The website was so engaging and harmonious. It was like jumping into another world and I felt somehow peaceful while reading and surfing around the site; it was so addictive that I couldn’t stop reading… and it was wonderful to see great photos of such diverse topics in one place and easily accessible: people, places, nature and even feelings. I cannot wait to come back!”

9. Support for world saviours – NGOs and other non-profits. We’re not joking when we talk about changing the world. In addition to free publishing rights, NGOs and other non-profits are welcome to apply for free premium services and share their knowledge on important causes. Photostories are a perfect way to spread awareness and to get people involved in important causes.

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Become a movie star

Actors in daily life… well, we are! This way of thinking could make our seemingly pointless tasks more exciting. Think of a narration and the music playing on background (headphones can help). Then imagine watching yourself in a movie – don’t forget, you’re the best actor/actress in this film. Do you feel a little more …

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Not a single word

Silence. Since hours. Not a single word. Nothing. I will not be the one breaking the silence. You first. I can wait. Forever. Who started this thing? I even can’t remember, but I am sure it was not me. I can wait, yes. Boring silence, but I will wait. Full stop.

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Loss and longing: A teenage refugee’s story

Her name is Raahila*. She is twelve years old. I could imagine her being at school right now, making the big step to go to secondary school. But she’s not. And when she looks straight at me, I can almost feel the pain in her eyes. She’s a refugee whom just weeks ago escaped the …

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In the mountains of Bulgaria

In the mountains of Bulgaria, we enjoyed the local wines and shopska salad. In the mountains of Bulgaria, we lost our way and got a sunburn. In the mountains of Bulgaria, we shared philosophies of life and death. In the mountains of Bulgaria, we decided this was not THE END.

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no shades of gray

Some cultures are known for their minimalism in their art and design. Like this photo, black and white, nothing in between. Nothing that distracts. This is the opposite of the complex spiritual and real life in these cultures, where nothing is black or white, but everything is interwoven and intertwined, where even Yin and Yang, …

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Same topics – different stories

Often we post about the same topics, all around the world. But is it still the same stories? There may not be many new subjects to talk about, but I would like to believe that our reflections are still fresh and worth the eyes of another human being. In the end, the same problems keep …

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The Crossroad of My Mind

Some days my head is crowded like the busiest Japanese crossroad. Thoughts passing, stumbling, speeding up, connecting and separating again, yet never stopping to give me a moment of peace (not even when the night comes). But then some of the feet make it home and give space for fresh thoughts and a new day.

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Drops of meaning in our daily webs

How to come up with something important to say? What a struggle, ha? Or maybe not. During our day, we process a lot of thoughts, some bigger, some smaller. Yet, there are clearly drops of meaning tangled in our daily webs. I find it handy to have a little a notebook with me wherever I …

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Stone Lion

For more than 250 years, there has been a stone lion sitting on a concrete platform by a harbor. His life as statue started off very well and for the first 50 years he had a wonderful view to the open sea. The lion would watch the vessels passing by at a few miles radius …

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The tears that I cry

13 years they said. Is it a long or a short time? Maybe long if unhappy; maybe short if happy. Then I hope it was a short one. Yet, I could feel the weight and I knew there was nothing I could say to make it better. The tears that I cry, this is the …

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Metro Ride of Life

Some days you may feel like you’re sitting alone in a metro on the way nowhere. But if you keep going, others will jump in from the future stations. Some will sit with you the rest of your journey, some only part of the way, but maybe having a moment to sit alone at times …

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saturday night.

I’ll have them done real nice. Takes time and money, but time I have and you’ll give me the money. And tonight I won’t go to the club with you. I’ll go home instead and admire my new nails. Red. Red as blood. The way I want ‘em. I’ll hang around the apartment and stare …

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Not-a-Lonely Tree

It was like a big mushroom, just standing by a little road in an empty landscape. The leaves had turned orange and red in the pressing sun light, but there it stood, stronger than anything else around. It had a nice big shadow which attracted the local sheep, goats and cows, and once in a …

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Summer colours, the fresh green grass and golden sun in the hair and pullover. Such a contrast to the mysterious pondering appearance of a young troubled mind. She was only a bleary image on my way to work, but I felt she was no stranger… almost as if I had seen my own reflection. What if I had stopped? What if I had greeted her? Would the sun have shone again on the fair innocent face?

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And then you said that despite early failings and pathetic attempts, it is indeed the proletariat in the purest Marxist sense that must push society to an acceptance of inclusive poverty. And then I said it is precisely that lucid uncertainty so aptly embraced by pseudo-elitists in search of their own convictions that will lead …

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It’s all about the people.

She was delighted to be photographed. She was even more happy to sell us tea. There were few trekkers in low season and her tea place was one of the few open. “Are other trekkers coming behind you?” she asked. This lady here lived in the mountains with her husband and a fat dog. She …

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Spot used to be an ordinary dog in every respect. Eat, run around the garden with its tongue out and flapping, play, lie in the shade. Then one day Spot realised he has a taste for 20th century American literature. He taught himself to read then goodbye to rubber bones and fetching sticks and hello …

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